Audience Comments

MJ at Dressing Table

“Tremendous Tour de Force! A magnetic, transformational journey of personal revelation that is a truly an inspirational must-see for us all!”
~Tes Kempner

“Amazing! If you're on a spiritual/artistic path, then this will resonate with you--healing family trauma, un-covering feminine power, finding expression for the creative force, a powerfully, vulnerably offered, personal unfolding. Especially moved by the depth of intimacy Devra shared with us—her courage inspires me to more fully realize and tell my life story —the seemingly random turns, the pain, the dreams, all of it—in a beautiful dance.”
~Alexis Ruby

“Devra will blow you away, with her talent! A 'must see' San Diego!”
~Deborah Guida

“Attention my women friends: this show 'Woman in the Mirror, A Dancer's Journey”
is honest, emotional, empowering, entertaining, and I would love to share it with you all.”
~ Lori Brooks

“A hugely enjoyable and fulfilling evening. Devra was authentic, accomplished, entertaining and uplifting. It was an honor to be able to witness her story including all of the spiritual, emotional, romantic, physical and intellectual elements of her life. The show was an experience that I will remember and be inspired by for the rest of my life.”
~Mitch Wallis


“Devra is multi-talented dancer and actress and replays the story of her interesting life in a fascinating way. The costume changes on stage are very clever too. Don't miss this one!”
~Teri Louden

“A unique presentation of one woman's fascinating life. From classical ballet to Michael Jackson impersonator, Devra keeps the audience engaged with her wonderful dancing, interesting costumes, and tales of a life lived ”
outside the box”
. An unusual, and not to be missed, piece of theatre.”
~Joani Nelson

“Today's matinee was fantastic. Devra really earned her Bravo Award.”
~William Straith

“Last Saturday's show and it was amazing! Such a fascinating life story told with passion, honesty, humor and several special surprises! You don't want to miss this!!!”
~Alita Ramganesh

“I bursted in laughter, I cried, I was sooo inspired! Yes the Bravo Award was well deserved, Bravo Dev!!! It's so rare to see a woman with such diverse, beautiful, and sexy dance abilities & creativity! You inspire me so much! Thank you for sharing your gifts & your story! Highly recommend this show!”
~Anita Yufe

Sea World Group

“Excellent play, performance and soul journey. Devra's willingness to uncover all, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical and express it through her dance and humorous musings is an act of pure unflinching courage. An inspiring and uplifting show.”
~Neal Katz

“Brutally honest, courageous, sensual, unusual and immensely entertaining”
~Herbert Seguenza

“If you enjoy seeing an authentic, vulnerable woman with a great sense of humor and a sexy pole dance who can also make you feel as good as when you watched Michael Jackson electrify the world with his unique persona, you will REALLY enjoy seeing Devra Gregory in this one woman show. It's funny, sad, intense and inspirational!!!!”
~Eric Rehnke

Exotic Dancer

“The show was excellent! Thanks for opening up your heart, your life, the temple of your soul so bravely! Inspiring!”
~Ilana Queiroz

“I was fortunate to see the opening night performance. How amazing to be that authentic and for Dev to celebrate her own journey so beautifully - I was impressed! She is an inspiration to many women looking to celebrate the uniqueness of their being. Thank you”
~Lia Wiss

“Devra Gregory is truly 'out on a limb' treading where mere mortals fear to go! Shining a light on a darkened world in need of illumination and love. Superb show, superb performance, superb message, inspiring presentation.”
~Sacha Rana

“Devra was awesome, funny, inspirational and beautiful. A very moving and insightful look into the life of a phenomenal woman.”
~Annette De Lozier

“Everything about this show, the music, the lighting changes, the costume changes, and, most importantly, the Woman in the Mirror, were absolutely perfect and genuine and vulnerable AND funny AND sexy!!!!! There were no rough edges in the performance. It was perfectly polished..... and I was healed by it in subtle and profound ways.”
~David Carr

“Just saw this amazing one-woman show at the Lyceum. Devra Gregory was incredible and I loved the mix of audience participation, personal reflection, dance, and the road to enlightenment that this amazing woman has traveled. Do yourself a favor and GO SEE THIS.”
~Ryan Altman

“This story/performance has everything to entertain every type of person. First it is a true story, secondly there is humor, emotional hooks, variety, and many dance styles. If you are looking for something, fun, entertaining, heartfelt and different this is the ticket, and buckles your seat belt! This show was voted, won and deserves the Bravo Award for Best Concert 2012.”
~Rosemarie Ballard, SD Theatre Reviews

“Wow. I feel so fortunate to have been at the performance last night. Being in the industry I am easily jaded but the honestly, the talent and the entertainment kept me wanting more. I did laugh, cry and Dev took my breath away. I recommend everyone rush out and get tickets because this is a must see event! Worth the drive from LA. Thank you!!!”
~Raven Marquez

“I was so impressed. Not only was Devra able to captivate the audience with her humor, creativity, and excitement, but she was also refreshingly and admirably transparent as she described her life's journey and the many twists and turns therein! This is absolutely a show not to be missed and I wish it was running longer so others don't miss out on the amazing opportunity to experience this performance!”
~Shayna Kellher

“What a powerful production.. Devra's life story as depicted through her journey as a dancer is incredible, fascinating, beautiful, humorous and also very poignant. She is an amazing woman and a fantastic actress and a brilliant dancer! Strong, graceful, lyrical, whimsical, expressive, and very very sexy!! Wow what a body! I loved the pole dance segment a lot too! And all the contrasts she presented were so compelling! From ballerina, to jazz dancer to burlesque to Michael Jackson! I was very moved by her story, by the dancing and by Devras' courage to put herself out there. Abundant applause!! Thank you, Dev for creating this show and sharing it so passionately with so many people. Devra is a blessing to the world!”
~Amalya Peck

Woman in the Mirror